Circular Economy Program

Empowering Eco-Innovation

Applications for our 2024 Circular Economy Program supported by the Queensland Government have now closed. Stay tuned – we look forward to sharing news of the successful applicants and their exciting circular economy initiatives in July.


The grant endorses projects that bring circular economy principles to life by reducing waste and enhancing the lifecycle of AgriFood materials. It supports scalable innovations in processes or technologies poised to significantly propel the shift towards a circular economy.


The program facilitates dynamic partnerships between industry leaders and companies committed to waste reduction. Unified by shared goals, these collaborations aim to confront environmental issues, boost efficiency, and forge sustainable impacts.



Beneficiaries receive up to $50,000 in grants, mentoring from experts, and networking to scale their initiatives. This suite of support accelerates the application of circular solutions within the AgriFood sector, ensuring a successful transition to sustainable practices.

Key Program Dates


What is a Circular Economy?

“In contrast to the conventional ‘take, make, and dispose’ approach, a circular economy is a production and consumption model geared towards maximising resource utilisation over an extended period.”
– Queensland Government

Circular Economy

Benefits of a Circular Economy:


Reduced Environmental Impact

A circular economy minimises waste and pollution, conserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Economic Growth and Job Creation

By fostering innovation in recycling and remanufacturing, a circular economy creates new industries and job opportunities.


Long-term Sustainability

Circulating products and materials for as long as possible reduces the need for raw materials, ensuring a sustainable future.

Are you an industry leader?

If you are currently collaborating with or aware of any innovative companies working in the waste reduction space, we welcome your introduction or recommendation.

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© Copyright 2023 – AgriBusiness Connect.