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GainingGround: an advanced program to transform the commercialisation of ground-breaking agribusiness products.



GainingGround is a cutting-edge program with the goal of fast-tracking the commercialisation of breakthrough products for organisations targeting the agribusiness sector. We provide participants access to facilities, designers and specialists across technology, research and science.

With our extensive experience and networks in agribusiness, we can work with your organisation to successfully identify opportunities in the market and create business models that lead to increased sales and revenues, additional research and development, and job creation.

The program creates a customer-centric focus, connecting ecosystem partners with the participating business to support prototype developments all the way to a soft launch.

Drawing on AgriBusiness Connects unique assets and industry networks, the GainingGround program helps validate and speed up the innovation process and ensure a product is launched on time and within budget.

If you are interested in working with us on GainingGround for your organisation, contact us today.


Program Outline