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MagrowTec: Growing overseas tech with the help of GroundUp

David McGrath, who represents MagrowTec in Australia and New Zealand, joined the Agtech and Logistics Hub’s GroundUp program with a mission to help farmers make more out of less.

MagrowTec, an agtech business that originated from Ireland, came to the GroundUp accelerator with a device designed to be retrofitted onto any boom sprayer which increases the accuracy of the spraying operation.

When Mr McGrath joined the 12-week GroundUp program, his goals were to find a bigger audience and connect with the agricultural industry in Queensland.

“Here in Queensland, it has a very agricultural centre to it, so it’s been good to hear the different voices from up and down the country and the challenges, their experience. And really, that’s all experience that I’ll be leveraging to the best effect that I can.”

Run in conjunction with the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the program was for companies seeking support and guidance in go-to-market, commercialisation and investment.

Mr McGrath gained valuable insights into the needs and wants of the region’s farmers, and how his company can help solve their challenges.

”The greatest learning I’ve had from the program is some of the experience and some of the priorities that are out there on the farm. We can stand and we can bang and drum, but unless we’re making noise about something very relevant to what’s going on, our messages might be falling on deaf ears, he said.

“I found it a really good exercise to cut through to the actual problems that are happening out there in the market today.”

MagrowTec currently has approximately 300 units of its innovative devices around the world. Throughout the GroundUp program, Mr McGrath worked with companies in various stages of development.

He said the best part of the accelerator was the quality of the participants he worked with.

“We’ve had some pretty good soundboards from a few different corners within the accelerator program and it’s been very valuable to hear those voices,” he said.

“It was an excellent incubation for everybody, regardless of what stage their business is at, to bounce ideas off each other.”

GroundUp is designed to fast-track world-class innovations by partnering with industry. Through GroundUp, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) invests exclusively in innovative technology that has the potential to benefit Australian grain growers.

After completing the program, Mr McGrath is intent on expanding MagrowTec in the Australian market, including developing their device to be a factory install option as well as an aftermarket machinery optimisation option.